Education In My Hometown Has Changed


Changes in education have happened a lot in the recent years. Some are considered minor and some are major changes in education. The concept of education related to different areas of the world relates to the type of education provided in the regions, and depending on the context of impacts they are changed accordingly. Some studies also tell that education provided to students are the same as they were before. But, education in my hometown as changed diversely.


            Previously it was the concept that students would come to the school and use the textbooks provided by the teachers for the course studied. The students would only use the textbook as a source of education and get education from it. Now, it has changed a lot. Students now are getting education through digitalized textbooks, where there is no need to carry the weight of these books in the school bags, and it has changed the learning systems as well. These procedures are cost effective as well, where the books are accessible online and less amount of books is spent by the parents to introduce effective learning in children. The students have been effective in learning since this changed happened, as the easy access of books has made it more convenient for the learners.

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            During the early ages, the education in schools was linked with the textbooks only. It meant that students needed just to learn the text by heart which was the standard set up at that time. With the changes in time, it has also changed the concept of education as well where the students are now tend to be moving towards more logical way of learning. It is being introduced because, the need to education explains that the basic theme should be understood by the students. For example, if a student is learning something about calculus in mathematics, he/she should know the concept of mathematics not just solving one exercise. This change is effective in a number of ways which address the concept that learners should know the logic of each subject, instead of getting knowledge about a single thing which was done in the past. It created a less learning impact on students.

            In education, lectures and classroom talks are the most important aspect to effective learning. In the past, the teachers would use lecture and presentation notes as a means to providing education. These were the technologies used by the teachers where they would collect data for the concered subject and provide detail to the students in the class, in a form of a lecture or a debate. But, in the modern world it has changed in a large number. The previous concept of educating students has changed to a technological lecture video file, where the students are requested to listen to the lecture at home and discussion is done on the lecture in the classroom. It has changed a lot of education patterns in a way, that has improved the time management by the teachers. Now, the students get more time to discuss the lectures by their teachers and ultimately has improved the learning environment as well.

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            It has been important for the education that there are changes made to it, which is resulted in a lot of positive aspects. Teachers have been looking into a broader perspective to provide education to their students, in a more convenient way which has helped the students to be more vibrant in learning and adaptive to the technologies. Finding more methods and ways to learning has been the crucial step in education change. However, it is important that these changes are kept for good cause in the longer run, as to keep a consistency for the students being affected by it.

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