The Art of Losing isn’t Hard to Master

I love with the idea of message Elizabeth wants to convey through this poem that if we excel only one thing that is art of losing things then nothing can bother us to move forward to gain more things which are waiting for us but we have to mastered the art of losing things. Some we need no worry about the lost things. If we take the example from the nature by taking tree as the master of this art every year lost old leaves and replace them with new ones and it bring no disaster to it. So, it’s nothing to cry about the lost some things because things are meant to be lost at first place so by learning this art we learn the art of acceptance, resignation, art of accepting failure and never losing hope.

Lose something every day accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent

Because life has so much to offer us if we become heartbroken on our everyday losses like loss of door keys, an hour badly spent, favorite places and names then it will become difficult for us to move forward. As Paulo Ceohlo said 7. If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Until we don’t learn the art of losing things and do not master it we cannot learn the art of gaining things and if we do not learn the art of accepting failure than we would become unable to handle greater success afterward in our life. With difficulty, there comes the ease for every problem there is a solution for every failure there is a solution so we do not lose our hope we should become brave enough to face every disaster that is actually not a disaster because losing something is not a disaster for a survivor.

Even losing you the joking voice, a gesture i love i shan’t lied its evident the art of losing’s not too hard to master though it may look like write it like disaster

These lines give us afterthoughts then what the disaster really is. These lines uncover the fact that some losses are so big to bear that become equivalent to disaster but even those big losses are not disaster they can’t break us if we have truly mastered the art of losing. In this line the poetess says the biggest lose in someone’s life is loss of beloved ones and the feelings we shared with them it is too hard to bear them but still if we show some courage and bravery we can even face this lose because at the end we have to survive alone so we need to truly master the art of losing.

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